We can also hire vintage cars: Fiat 500, year 1966 and Volkswagen Maggiolone Cabriolet (BEATLE)

With this type of car you can drive either on asphalted and roads to come and visit the more interesting towns of Italy.

We can suggest you some tour leaders, who can organize guided tours.

For whom want to go without guide we can provide routes maps about the more interesting sites of our province.

This auto perfectly fit for wedding ceremonies with or without driver

We suggest you to book in advance

Fiat 500 f del 1966
look at the characteristics

Volkswagen Maggiolone Cabriolet (BEATLE)
look at the characteristics

Days Fiat 500 f (1966) Volkswagen Maggiolone Cabriolet (BEATLE)
1 250 euro 300 euro
2 480 euro 550 euro
3 690 euro 780 euro
4 890 euro 900 euro
5 1070 euro 1100 euro
6 1230 euro 1280 euro
7 1360 euro 1430 euro
Following days 130 euro 150 euro

 Included accessories

What you need to rent a vehicle
- Valid Identity document with valid residence address
- Drive licence
- Credit Card

General terms of hire Cars

 - Baby chair
 Extra services
 - Delivery and take back of the  vehicles in tourist  accommodation
 - Router maps

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