We can rent different types bicycles of the best quality: M.Bike, City Bike, M.Bike with suspension and City with suspension. These types of vehicles based on the power of your legs,are the best to move on asphalted and country roads to know the intimate landscape of nature.

Roads can have different length and characteristics with the bicycle you can spare energy, pollution going with a harmonic speed.

We can suggest you some tour leaders, who can organize guided tours. For whom wat to go without guide we can provide detailed routes maps about the more interesting sites of our province.

Mountain Bike with suspension

City Bike with suspension


Days M.Bike - City Bike Bike with suspension
1 20 euro 30 euro
2 36 euro 55 euro
3 51 euro 77 euro
4 65 euro 97 euro
5 78 euro 115 euro
6 90 euro 131 euro
7 100 euro 146 euro
Following days 10 euro 15 euro
1 Hour 10 euro 15 euro

 Included accessories

What you need to hire a vehicle
Valid Identity document with valid residence address

General terms of hire bikes

 - Crash helmet
 - Repair kit
 - Baby chair
 Extra services
 - Route maps

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